Clean lacerations of a burn-nature, edges blackened and burned. Ichor may be pooling from severed arteries and veins (usually veins: arteries are too deep). Wound will be deeper and more widespread. Rider and Dragon will be distressed to varying degrees.


  1. The Rider should still be conscious, though more than slightly distressed at the condition of his lifemate. For severe body scorings, the assistance of a gold Dragon will be required to dampen the pain and keep the Dragon still enough for you to do your job. Take control of the situation, but make sure you ask the Rider before approaching the Dragon. Take control of the situation, but never forget to ask a Rider first for permission to approach their lifemate: big Dragon, in pain, equals a dangerous combination. Get as many details as you can of the injury from the Rider.
  2. Keep talking to the Rider if at all possible, to keep them lucid and in the here-and-now. It is also useful to keep the Rider from panicking at his lifemate's injury. Do your best to assess exactly how the clump of Thread hit the Dragon as this can help determine the best way to treat the wounds.
  3. If wound has become dirty, clean quickly and thoroughly with Redwort solution.
  4. Coat wound thoroughly with Numbweed.
  5. Use surgical clamps on either side of any severed vessels to restrict the flow and loss of ichor and to make your job easier.
  6. Suture any severed vessels as quickly as possible (see Suturing for further details). The longer tissue is left without a steady ichor flow the less healthy it becomes. However, this is no excuse for rushing and making mistakes.
  7. Remove clamps.
  8. Clean out the wound with Redwort. Check for formation if ichor around the vessels. It may be necessary to clean away some of the Numbweed with oil-soaked cloth pads. This is important, so check carefully. You may need to reapply the Numbweed after this step.
  9. Stitch together muscle, then hide.
  10. Apply Numbweed to the entire stitched area.

Severe, deep scorings are likely to keep the Dragon out of the air for at least a sevenday, if not more. It is vital during recovery time that the Dragon replace lost fluid. A tub of water should be kept near the Dragon at all times. (See Dehydration for further details)

Check that any exposed cartilage from other scored areas has not dried out. If it has follow instructions in Dried Out Cartilage section.

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