The lack of adequate body fluids for the body to carry out its normal functions and operate at an optimal level (by loss, inadequate intake, or a combination of both) is a classic definition of dehydration. In Dragons it can be caused by diarrhoea, usually after a constipated Dragon has been purged, from consistently flying at high altitude for long periods of time, desert climes, and also from loss of ichor.

It is imperative that dehydration is treated as soon as it is identified. Mild cases are often cured by oral rehydration, but for moderate to severe cases of dehydration, intravenous fluids will be required.

Severe, or unidentified injury. Diarrhoea High altitude flying. Desert climes.

Dragon and Rider may both complain of unslakeable thirst. Dragon hide may be grey, and he/she will be lethargic. The Dragon will likely be distressed, and both Dragon and Rider may be delirious. There may be decreased urine output. The hide may have lost its elasticity (you can test this by pinching the hide into a fold, and watching it return: does it sag? If yes, then they have poor hide turgor). Hearts may be beating faster. They may have a dry mouth, and their stomach may hurt.

1. If dehydration is mild, then ensure that the Dragon starts drinking a lot of water, and continues to do so until they are recovered. Water should always be provided for a Dragon after any treatment by a Dragonhealer as a mostly precautionary measure.
2. If the dehydration is moderate, try treating with water, and watch for 3-4 hours. If there is no sign of improvement, treat as severe dehydration.
3. For severe dehydration, you must try transfusing the Dragon with ichor from another Dragon (see Transfusions for further details). Following the steps for removing ichor, and then inject this into a vein. You must inject slowly, or you risk having the vein collapse. Needless to say this is very bad. If this does happen, you need to inject ichor at a lower point on the vein to where you were injecting, and hope that you have the same vein. This is a very delicate procedure, with a lot of inherent problems and should only be carried out by experienced Dragonhealers.

Depending on the severity, recovery may take a couple of days to upwards of a month or even six months.

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