Cartilage can, and does, dry out if exposed. This is a particularly prevalent problem in any injury to a wing. The major injury may have been treated, but the cartilage remains exposed as the wing heals, but dries quicker than other tissues. Cause: Poor ichor supply, usually to wing after scoring.

The Dragon will be distressed, dehydrated (see Dehydration for further details) and parched, the hide tone greyish. The Rider may also be delirious.

1. Suture vessels that are ichoring (see 'Deep Threadscoring ', Major Wounds , and Suturing ).
2. Remove ichor from a healthy Dragon, and use this to treat the sick Dragon (see Transfusions ).
3. Apply ichor directly to the dried out cartilages and joints as often as is necessary.

With dried-out cartilages, recovery time depends on the severity of the wing injury, but will generally be at least a few months.

Dehydration (see Dehydration for further details) should be treated as quickly as possible.

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