The flora in existence on Pern in what is currently the fifth pass.

Native PlantsEdit

  • Aconite is a medicinal herb, all parts of the plant are toxic. Anodyne.
  • Fellis trees grow in the north and the south of Pern. A special juice can be made from fellis trees, which is used as a soporific drug.
  • Ging trees grow near Ista and can be used as improvised forest bedding. Moreta described the ging forrest in the fall as "a green face with a thousand black-rimmed eyes." Needlethorn is always found in the prescence of ging trees.
  • Numbweed is a bush that grows in large clumps. The plant is used to make a gel that deadens the pain of small wounds completely, and dulls large wounds. The downside is that it takes three days to make numbweed, and this is a very smelly process.
  • Needlethorns are bushes that, as their name suggests, have sharp thorns. These thorns are used as hypodermic needles in medicine. Needlethorns grow in lush, tropical rainforests.
  • Klah trees are an important part of the pernese lifestyle. The bark of the klah tree can be ground to make a drink, described by the EEC team as like coffee, with a faint flavour of cinnamon and with an aftertaste of chocolate.
  • The redfruit tree is a tree that has a delicious red fruit, which is good for quenching thirst.
  • Withies are an aquatic reed found in the rivers of the Northern Continent.

Imported PlantsEdit

Alfalfa is a crop with multiple uses

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