Three months after the mating flight, the Gold clutches her eggs on the hatching sands. Then, for five sevendays, the eggs harden, and the dragons develop until they are ready to hatch.

At the onset of a Dragon hatching, the dam will emit a noise that is described as more 'subliminal' rather than actual noise. The Gold will then begin to show external signs of excitement, her chest and belly vibrating with the noise she is generating. The other Dragons start to hum, the sound continually increasing in volume. Riders have been noted as feeling slightly deafened after a hatching.

Dragonets hatch from their eggs complete and in urgent need of food, although they seek to impress to their lifemates first. They will circle the sands searching for their lifemate, screaming until they do so. Accidents where candidates get trampled by the Dragonet eager to find his or her lifemate are common.


It is unknown what creates an attraction between Dragon and Rider. Nevertheless, it seems to be present from the moment of hatching and Dragon choice can neither be forced nor changed. Once impression is made, they start to feel hungry.

Impression is often described as the most wonderful experience by Riders and they will often get wistful if asked. The sensations overrunning the new Rider are complex and more than one has felt confused because suddenly they have two sets of emotions instead of one. A distressed and agitated hatchling can bespeak every Rider in the locality if need be, and, even with a newly formed bond, Dragonets are fiercely protective. They will, with provocation, attack a human that endangers their lifemate.

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