Cause: Generally mating flights and fights, accident-prone Weyrling Dragons.

Wounds, likely to be dirty and differing in severity. The wound may be gushing, oozing, or spurting ichor. Rider and Dragon likely to be distressed to some degree.


  1. If the Dragon is in pain, then ask a Gold to dampen the pain and still the movement. Involve the Rider. Ask the Rider for details of the injury. If this is the result of a mating flight, make sure you start handing the Rider skins of wine. Take control of the situation, but never forget to ask a Rider first for permission to approach their lifemate: big Dragon, in pain, equals a dangerous combination.
  2. Clean wound with Redwort.
  3. Slather with Numbweed Remove any dirt, foreign articles etc. with forceps.
  4. If ichoring has not stopped, apply a pressure bandage to the wound. A pressure bandage is merely a pad of bandaging material that is applied over the wound and pressed tightly in place. If this soaks through, it should not be removed; instead, a second bandage should be applied on top of the first. In most cases, this will be enough to stop ichoring.
  5. Apply more Numbweed.

For minor injuries usually a day or two is all that is required. Numbweed will help clot the ichor, and so the wound will heal quickly. For more moderate injuries, usually no more than a sevenday is required. Obviously, if the injury is in a place that would be exacerbated, such as under the straps, on the wingsails, they will need to rest longer.

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