Weyrwoman A Weyr is headed by a Weyrwoman (rider of the senior gold dragon), who is chosen by chance as the previous Weyrwoman's dragon dies or ceases to rise to mate due to age or injury. The rider of the next gold to rise becomes the new Weyrwoman. The Weyrwoman is the domestic head of the Weyr, in charge of all matters that pertain to housing, food, the raising of children living in the Weyr, training, organization and discipline of the support staff of the Weyr, as well as the day to day living requirements of the dragons and their riders. The Weyrwoman is also a diplomatic ambassador, responsible for relations to other Weyrs, Holds and the Crafthalls. Most of her duties are administrative, delegating responsibilities to her Headwoman or junior goldriders.

Weyrwoman of Dragon WeyrEdit

Maram of Gold Chalarath is the first Weyrwoman of the new Dragon Weyr, she came from Ista where she was Junior Weyrwoman prior to the disaster. She was instrumental in leading and organizing the evacuation and exodus that lead the refugees to Dragon Weyr.

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